February and therefore such as.

February, end of it. Been a long winter here in Brooklyn for, not only us but everyone. The weather has been a constant cold and the snow has made life very dramatic. How people live in Russia beats me.

The plus side is that Spring is coming and I'm feeling super excited to spending some time in the rehearsal space jamming with friends, getting loose and exploring some new territory.

Our show coming up next week is our cd release show. Though we've played many of the songs at previous shows, we're really gonna play the SHIT out of these songs. Plus we'll throw in a fun cover song which will hopefully blow your socks off.

Band - as per usual - is so so so good. So lucky to have friends who are insanely talented and musically generous as they contribute so much color to our shows. Jon Ladeau on guitar, RIch Hinman on pedal steel and Catherine Popper on bass. Show is going to be fun and Bowery electric is a great space. Great sound and good vibe.

The Old Fashions @ 8:45pm - $8.00
Bowery Electric, Manhattan
Thursday February 27th, 2014
Facebook invite:

Come join us. We'd be so happy to see you there,

Amanda & Byron

Byron's mom came into town - this was at our last show at Rockwood Music hall, Manhattan. January 2014

TOF and 2014

I can't believe it's been two years since we started The Old Fashions. At the time, we booked our first show at Glasslands without a name. In a way I'm surprised that we made it two years. Bands are like relationships. And two years is a long time for any relationship.

Julius is now back down in Houston, TX and Amanda and I are still continuing on. We completed our six song EP at the Magic Shop last year and we're finally getting out all of our Kickstarter rewards. I'm already ready to record again.

And we've got two shows coming up -- Tuesday, January 21st at Rockwood 2 and then again on Thursday, February 27th at Bowery Electric. Both shows will have Catherine on bass and Rich on guitar. If only Aaron weren't living in Nashville. One of these days we'll have the same five from the studio on the stage. If that ever happens, I will likely flub something b/c I'll be in awe of how awesome everyone else sounds. The Bowery Electric show will be our 'release' show for the Night of Champions recording. We'll have vinyl, CDs, and new shirts for sale.

Amanda's been traveling all around Europe for a few weeks. Here's one of her photos.

Live in iTunes

Gigging! (or something like that)

What a wild few months this has been.

Byron and I successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign and raised $10k with the undeniable support and love from friends family and strangers. We recorded some new songs with our friends which sound really great. I mean really great - we couldn't be happier. Also played a show recently at Union Pool in Williamsburg Brooklyn and are starting to book some more this summer.

Speaking of...

We were asked by City Winery to participate in a Monday night local-band showcase. Honored and excited we immediately said yes of course! It'll be a new venue for us and if you've never been there it's lovely. I mean what a great venue. So we're super pumped to play there and share the bill with Julia Haltigan and Miss Tess.

We were also invited to open up for Kris Gruen who is a gifted songwriter at Bowery Electric at his record release show. Since Byron will be out of town, I'll be holding it down as an acoustic performance playing alongside my very talented and rad new friend Matt Sucich.

Lastly, we'll be opening for our friends Peculiar Gentleman for their record release show at Bowery Electric. It'll be the full band and may try to collaborate with PG boys on a song... we'll see! They are so great, such fun.

All event info and invites are on our Facebook page but here's a quick rundown!

Monday June 17th @ City Winery. $12 cover with Julia Haltigan and Miss Tess
Monday July 1st @ Bowery Electric. $8 cover opening for Kris Gruen
Thursday July 25th @ Bowery Electric. Cover TBD - Opening for Peculiar Gentleman

Love to see you out at shows.

Thanks for being interested in our music and what we have to put out into the world.


Amanda (and Byron)

Pictures from April 27th at Union Pool in Brooklyn

You can view the entire gallery here.

Finished at The Magic Shop

We were so sad to leave last night. It was a bit like being at camp or on vacation and then having to go home. I guess that's what makes those things so special -- they don't last forever.

We left with completed mixes for six songs:

  1. NY, NY, NY
  2. Buckets
  3. Night of Champions
  4. Make it Right
  5. Never on Time
  6. Young Me

The photos below were all taken by our friend Allison Joyce. She spent a lot of time with us over the last few days and captured everything so well. My favorite photo below is the one of Amanda teaching "Young Me" to Catherine. That was a brand new song that we put together in the studio.

Thank you all again for being a part of this.

Thank you!
Byron & Amanda

Freshly Edited Video for "Tired" - live at Rockwood Music Hall (2/18/13)

Footage from the show we just recently played at. You'll see Julius (Myren) in the mix. I absolutely loved singing this song with him, I mean, I'm gonna miss it. He kicked ass on it - too fun really.

So we tried to give it our all (as we do every show) but this one was special, felt right, felt good, felt fun. Hope you dig the tune and video footage.

ps. Props (sort of) to Byron editing the video - some of the cuts are like an homage to David Lynch and some are like, well, they are what they are.
pps. You watching it yet-- huh?
ppps. I hope your toe is-a-tapping at this point.


Kickstarter Campaign

Well, we finally did it! We launched our Kickstarter campaign. It lives right here:

There's some pretty awesome rewards in there -- merch, lessons, artifacts, pictures, etc. There was even a fake wedding and a puppy in the mail, but we had to take that one down.

Wow. So -- thank you for looking, thank you for supporting, and thank you for helping us do what we love and make more music.

Amanda Chessa, Byron Sorrells, Catherine Popper, Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Old Fashions, Kickstarter

Recording & Kickstarter

We're super excited to finally be going to the Magic Shop to record some more songs. Mr. Tom Schick will be running the session, and Catherine and Aaron will be there along with Amanda and me. We're just about to launch a Kickstarter, so click that blue 'Launch' button up there on the top right to be notified when we do!